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For us, recruitment is about more than a single job posting. We help organizations and professionals make important choices.

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Amsterdam Recruitment & Job Agency - Robert Walters

Looking for your next career move?

Want to have challenging career in the Amsterdam area within accounting & finance, banking & financial services, legal, tax or treasury? Then we can match you with the best job or interim assignment for your skills and goals.

Ready to bolster your workforce?

Partnering with us, you’ll find people who are the perfect match for your organisation’s needs. Whether it’s a permanent or a temporary role, we’ll find the right professionals for your organisation.

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Amsterdam's leading recruitment company

Our Amsterdam office - located in the vibrant business district called the 'Zuidas' - opened in 1990. Since then, the office has grown immensely. Today, the office has more than 150 colleagues working at our Amsterdam office, led by our senior director Annemieke Peskens. In May 2023, we opened the world's first office based on neuroscience research. The goal was to create an environment to bring out the best in our employees which would then translate into exceptional results for our clients.  

Our recruitment agency serves as a hub for connecting businesses with top-tier talent and helping professionals navigate transformative career paths. With a strong foothold in the local market, the Amsterdam team combines global expertise with an in-depth understanding of the unique dynamics shaping the Dutch professional landscape.  

Within our Amsterdam based employment agency you will find five specialised, professional recruitment teams: Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Legal, Tax and Treasury. All of these teams are skilled recruiters for both permanent roles and interim assignments and are working closely together to get the best out of each other.  

Office Address:

Tower Ten, 10th floor

Strawinskylaan 1057 

1077 XX Amsterdam

The Netherlands

t: +31 (0) 20 644 4655 e: netherlands@robertwalters.com

Why clients choose Robert Walters for recruitment in Amsterdam


Long-lasting relationships

Over the years, our specialised recruitment consultants have built strong and long-lasting relationships with various organisations in the Amsterdam region. Therefore, we are the trusted knowledge partner and strategic job agency for many organisations.  

Local focus 

We have a huge network of candidates in the Randstad – the region of the Netherlands with many employment opportunities and employees. This enables us to find the unique match between an organisation and a candidate to get the best out of both. 

Personal approach

We listen closely to our clients. We know how to identify the recruitment pain points within their business and come up with the most appropriate solutions. This could be an introduction of a potential employee, but also advice about salaries or employee retention.

Why candidates in Amsterdam choose Robert Walters as their chosen employment agency?

At Robert Walters we take a personal approach. We listen to you to understand your career needs – and more importantly: your professional aspirations. We speak to different organisations every day in the Randstad area allowing us to offer professionals the best employment opportunities. We put our focus on five discipline areas:  

In addition, over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge about the labour market– from seasonal recruitment trends to the most popular jobs in the region or at specific companies. As a result, our Amsterdam office has become the ‘knowledge hub’ for our recruiters across The Netherlands. This knowledge makes us a trusted job agency.  

We can guide you through the whole job seeking process - from introduction to evaluation of your new employer. In this way, we can guarantee that we will get you the best fitting job or assignment that gets the best out of you.

What other recruitment services does Robert Walters  Amsterdam offer?



Choosing Robert Walters as your local recruitment agency can streamline hiring by leveraging local expertise and industry insights. We can save you time with efficient processes, accessing a diverse talent pool. Our effective screening methods and established networks ensure we connect you with qualified candidates promptly. By partnering with us, businesses optimise recruitment strategies, allowing successful hires and finding the ideal fit for their teams in the dynamic Amsterdam job market.

We have several success stories of our clients. In their stories, our candidates explain how they got in touch with Robert Walters and why our consultants were valuable for their career. This stories prove that we can improve the career of candidates all across the board – from junior to c-level.  

In general, the demand for professionals is likely to continue to be high in 2024. The demand is likely to increase specifically in the Retail, Banking & Financial Services and Legal sectors because of labour shortages in this space. To attract the best talent within these sectors, focus should be placed on career development opportunities, remote working and flexibility. These factors are considered to be very important for employees. Furthermore, professionals are increasingly recognising the growing importance of diversity within the workplace environment.

Download our comprehensive Salary Survey Guide to gain valuable insights into diverse jobs and their average salaries in the thriving Amsterdam Area job market. Access your copy today for informed decision-making and unlock the strategic value of understanding compensation trends in your industry.

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