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For us, recruitment is about more than a single job posting. We help organizations and professionals make important choices.

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Eindhoven Recruitment & Job Agency - Robert Walters

Looking for your next career move?

Want to have challenging career in the Eindhoven area within accounting & finance or HR? Then we can match you with the best job or interim assignment for your skills and goals.

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Partnering with us, you’ll find people who are the perfect match for your organisation’s needs. Whether it’s a permanent or a temporary role, we’ll find the right professionals for your organisation.

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Eindhoven's leading recruiters

The Eindhoven office was established in 2006 and currently boasts a team of over 20 committed recruitment specialists, led by director Pim van der Groen. The team collaborates closely, embodying the spirit of "sharing is caring".

Situated in Brainport, our Eindhoven office operates within a Dutch region where knowledge institutions, various companies, and the government converge on innovation and technology. We maintain close collaboration with these entities, aiding them by establishing a distinctive alignment between their business goals and recruitment requirements. Additionally, our services extend to numerous entrepreneurs in the region, emphasizing our focus on private equity, venture capital, and family offices. Known as one of the best recruitment agencies in Eindhoven, our office serves as a hub for connecting businesses with top-tier talent. With a strong foothold in the Brainport area, the Eindhoven team combines global expertise with an understanding of the entrepreneurial dynamics shaping the professional landscape in the south of the Netherlands.

Within our agency you will find three specialised, professional recruitment teams: Accounting & Finance, HR and Executive Search. All of these teams are experienced recruiters for both permanent roles and interim assignments.

Office Address:

Begijnenhof 4-6

5611 EL


The Netherlands

t: +31 (0) 40 7999 910 e: eindhoven@robertwalters.com

Why choose Robert Walters for recruitment in Eindhoven? 


Long-lasting relationships

Over the years, our specialised recruitment consultants have built strong and long-lasting relationships with many innovative pioneers within the region. As a result, we are the trusted knowledge partner and strategic job agency for many of those companies, government foundations and knowledge institutes.

Local focus 

We have an extensive network of candidates in the Eindhoven area – the high-tech region of the Netherlands with the most innovative jobs and assignments. This enables us to find the unique match between an organisation and a candidate to get the best out of both. 

Personal approach

We listen closely to our clients. We know how to identify the recruitment pain points within their business and come up with the most appropriate solutions. This could be an introduction of a potential employee, but also advice about salaries or employee retention. 

Why do candidates in Eindhoven choose Robert Walters as their chosen employment agency?

At Robert Walters we take a personal approach. We listen to you to understand your career needs – and more importantly: your professional aspirations. Every day, we speak to different organisations in the Eindhoven area, enabling us to offer professionals the best employment opportunities. We focus on three areas of expertise: 

Additionally, we have gained expertise in navigating the labour market in the southern Netherlands. We understand the recruitment challenges associated with production and high-tech industries that organizations encounter, and, more importantly, we grasp the implications for you as a candidate. It's important to note that our office doesn't solely focus on Brainport; there are numerous other career opportunities available in the southern part of the Netherlands as well.

What other recruitment services does Robert Walters  Eindhoven offer?



Choosing Robert Walters to oversee your recruitment process ensures an effective outcome for you. We streamline the process, saving you time through efficient work and tapping into a diverse pool of professionals. Our goal is to connect you with the most suitable professional for your organisation.

Our track record encompasses rewarding collaborations with both clients and candidates. Some have taken the time to share their experiences, highlighting how Robert Walters became a pivotal asset as their trusted recruitment agency.

In general, the demand for professionals is likely to remain high in 2024.  Executive search professionals will be required throughout the country; it's vital to remember that these recruitment processes often occur discreetly. The demand for HR professionals will also remain high in 2024, and the demand for finance professionals is likely to increase. 

To attract the best talent within these sectors, focus should be placed on flexibility and career development opportunities. These factors are becoming more important for employees. In addition, professionals are increasingly recognising the growing importance of diversity within the workplace environment.

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