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How to avoid making bad career choices as a finance professional

After having worked in finance for few years, many professionals start to feel restless. How do you know which steps are the right ones for you? Joram shares his advice.

Should you switch to an interim role?

Moving from a permanent to an interim role can have some attractive advantages, but is it the right choice for your career?

The benefits of green procurement for your business

Green procurement involves evaluating your supply chain and looking at where the products come from, what they are made of and what happens to them once they have been used.

A role as supply chain manager

As supply chain manager you must be an expert at building collaborative relationships internal and external to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently. Do you have what it takes?

Six ways to put your job rejection to your advantage

With the right mindset, you can turn your job rejection into a career development opportunity. Here’s how…

How to follow up your job interview

Believe it or not, no matter how well you nailed that interview, how you behave after the interview can determine whether or not you land that job.

A role as procurement manager

Procurement managers need to stay on top of new trends, regulation and technology as they often will be expected to lead on innovation and cost savings. Do you have what it takes?

Six smart questions to ask during your job interview

Asking questions during your job interview will help you to find out whether there is a fit between you and the job and organisation.

Seven steps to getting the most from your appraisal

Appraisals are an invaluable time to discuss performance levels, outline career objectives and highlight what you have added to the business over the previous year.