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Transforming yourself into an inclusive leader

As skills shortages continue to intensify around the globe, employers are facing the ever-increasing challenge of attracting and retaining top talent which is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Shaping tomorrow's executive leaders

Robert Walters partners up with FranklinCovey, a world leader in executive leadership coaching. Discover what is required to become a leader that delivers strong results by multiplying capability.

Create an inclusive culture to attract & retain the best talent

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever. If the ‘war for talent’ is won or lost on company culture, what can be done to transform outdated company cultures into ones which are truly inclusive and desirable to top talent?

Management wins and sins

Being promoted to a management position is an exciting achievement, but it can be a daunting prospect, with many managers facing the challenge with little experience to guide them. In this webinar, our expert speaker panel will address some of the key questions managers have.

Understanding the Future of Work

Join our expert panel to see what the future looks like for workforces, workplaces and work itself.

Redefining the future business leader

What does it take to lead and navigate your team or organisation in the new normal we are living in? Join our panel discussion to hear more.

Leading for the Human Edge

What does it mean to be a successful ‘future-fit’ leader in a post-Covid world? Award-winning author Greg Orme reveals the science-based tips and tools.

Future of work

Join our expert panel for a glimpse into the crystal ball, to see what the future looks like for workforces, workplaces and work itself.

HR’s role in preparing leaders for the new world of work webinar

HR has a responsibility to create the practices that maintain focus, create connectivity and ensure continuity between the most critical partnership in the world of work: that between the team leader and the team member. Leaders require new and enhanced skills in managing from a distance, motivating employees toward a vision in the midst of ambiguity, providing calm and clarity, aligning work among team members and building community. In this webinar, we will look at the priority areas of leadership HR will need to address as their leaders navigate towards a new normal.

Burning the Candle: Preventing Workplace Burnout (ENGLISH)

Join us in exploring strategies organisations can use to help battle burnout whilst ensuring employees maintain a healthy relationship with their work.

Planning your Career in Finance (ENGLISH)

Are you a newly qualified accountant? Join us to discuss the opportunities and career paths that lie ahead for newly qualified accountants.

How technology is adapting to the new normal

Join us in a panel discussion for tech professionals on how it is important to stay relevant in this fast-changing technology landscape.

Returning to the new world of work (ENGLISH)

Join us to learn from organisations that take an innovative approach in making the office a safe place to work again.

The future of HR: mapping the workforce (ENGLISH)

Find out what companies are doing to foster the adoption of new business models that help map the current workforce.

Transitioning to the workplace of the future (ENGLISH)

As businesses consolidate their return to work plans, IT leaders discuss the role of technology in providing support to a hybrid workforce.

Managing privacy in the face of COVID-19

Our technological response to COVID-19 has brought privacy concerns to the forefront. Learn how to manage privacy in your company.

Job seeking during Covid-19 (ENGLISH)

For professionals embarking on a new job search in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, what are the steps to take in a job hunt?

Job seeking in a time of uncertainty (ENGLISH)

For professionals embarking on a new job search in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, what are the steps to take in a job hunt?

How to Build a Successful Data Science Team (ENGLISH)

Join us for personal experiences and advice on how to build a data science team in today’s ever-changing and challenging market.

How to succeed at working from home (ENGLISH)

Whatever your challenge or personality type , our experts will share their strategies to help you succeed when working from home.

Taking control during uncertainty (ENGLISH)

Our career development specialists bring you a session and toolkit on how you can turn this period of uncertainty into an opportunity to upskill yourself.

Impacting Change Remotely: the Role of Tech (ENGLISH)

This webinar explores the role of high-performing IT & Change teams in inciting, progressing and delivering change remotely during COVID-19.

Navigating Change: Tackling Security Challenges (ENGLISH)

We explore the common security threats raised by COVID-19, and how you can strengthen your security function in response to the crisis.

Leading remote teams in the time of Covid-19 (ENGLISH)

This webinar gives some unique insights on creating and sustaining team productivity and motivation levels remotely.

Mental Health and the Remote Workplace (ENGLISH)

Join us in this webinar to understand how to prioritise and protect the wellbeing of your remote workforce.

Remote Onboarding with Powerhouse Hub (ENGLISH)

This webinar provides you with tips and a practical toolkit on how to deliver best in class remote on-boarding

Assessing technical skills and cultural fit remotely (ENGLISH)

Find out how remote technical assessment and competency-based interviews can offer time and cost-saving solutions in IT.

Remote Onboarding Best Practices (ENGLISH)

Join us for a range of best practices and unique insights into how leading businesses create and implement remote onboarding programmes.

Innovation in Recruitment (ENGLISH)

In this webinar, Robert Walters Group's Director of Innovation, Faye Walshe, showcases the biggest trends driving recruitment and HR.

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