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Toonaangevende bedrijven in heel Nederland vertrouwen op Robert Walters om snel en efficiënt de juiste mensen te werven. Lees meer over onze dienstverlening.

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Onze consultants nemen de tijd om te luisteren naar jouw ambities, en delen jouw verhaal met vooraanstaande organisaties in Nederland. Laten we samen het volgende hoofdstuk van jouw carrière schrijven.

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Onze Diensten

Toonaangevende bedrijven in heel Nederland vertrouwen op Robert Walters om snel en efficiënt de juiste mensen te werven. Lees meer over onze dienstverlening.

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Of je nu op zoek bent naar talent of naar een nieuwe carrièrestap voor jezelf, wij adviseren je graag over de laatste trends op de arbeidsmarkt en bieden je de inspiratie die je nodig hebt.

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Voor ons gaat recruitment over meer dan een enkele vacature. Wij helpen organisaties en professionals bij het maken van belangrijke keuzes.

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Onze mensen maken het verschil. Lees hun verhaal en kom alles te weten over een carrière bij Robert Walters Nederland.

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From pouring brews to London Bridge

An international career journey from Adelaide to London with Robert Walters and Eirini Vrodos.

Eirini Vrodos is a Robert Walters International Career Management specialist. Originally from Adelaide but based in London, her role is to support candidates in their relocation from the UK to Australia, whether that's Australian or visa holders.

Eirini's journey didn't start there though, in fact it wasn't until she had a chance meeting with a friend of a friend from our Adelaide office that sent her on this path. Eirini recounts her journey below.

It was April of 2021 when I first stepped into the bustling Adelaide office of Robert Walters as a Team Administrator. Little did I know that this journey would eventually lead me to the exciting role of International Career Manager (ICM), guiding candidates in their move from the UK and surrounding countries to Australia, particularly in the fields of legal, tech, and finance.

Having recently completed my studies in Business Management & Marketing, my entry into the corporate world began after gaining valuable experience in the hospitality industry. The skills acquired during those days—strong customer service and effective communication—proved to be essential assets as I ventured into the realm of recruitment. My business degree and internships, on the other hand, laid the groundwork for a more commercial approach in my professional endeavours.

Jenny & Eirini are both located in London, supporting candidates that are wanting to explore opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

It all started with a recommendation from a dear friend, a connection that introduced me to Robert Walters. I joined as a Team Administrator, but my eagerness to take on more responsibilities didn't go unnoticed. Expressing my interest in a Candidate Manager role, I was soon offered the chance to join the Finance & Accounting team. With unwavering support from my colleagues, and focus, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to Consultant within 18 months.

The prospect of relocating to London with Robert Walters was an exhilarating one. I had indicated that I was ready to see the world and worked with the UK Talent Acquisition team and my local manager to help chart my path over there.

I moved over to the UK in May 2023 and have been here ever since. It's a great joy to help people pursue their career goals overseas and tell them all of the great things about working in a place like Australia.

The company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth was evident throughout my journey. The transition into the ICM team marked a pivotal moment in my career, and I embraced the challenges that came with supporting candidates on their international career paths.

Reflecting on my experiences, I couldn't help but appreciate the unique atmosphere of the Adelaide office. It was a place where collaboration thrived, striking the perfect balance between hard work and enjoyment. The team's camaraderie was palpable, creating a nurturing and supportive environment that placed a strong emphasis on individual growth and professional development.

As I guide candidates through the intricacies of international career moves, I often recall the lessons learned in hospitality, the skills honed in business management, and the support of my colleagues in the Adelaide office. Each step in my journey with Robert Walters had contributed to my success as an International Career Manager, and I looked forward to continuing this fulfilling adventure.

Robert Walters provides unparalleled learning and career progression opportunities. Like Eirini, if you're wanting to reach new heights in your recruitment career, then we'd love to hear from you. The opportunities are endless. Click here to learn more.

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